One in 10 Americans over age 65 years and almost half of those over age 85 years have Alzheimer’s disease or a related type of dementia.  Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common form of dementia, involves a gradual breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Affected persons lose the ability to interpret information and send messages to their bodies to behave in certain ways. Over time they experience mental, emotional, behavioral and physical changes, necessitating increasing amounts of….


Probate is the legal process of transferring ownership of property from the decedent to his or her heirs either by accepting the validity of their last will and testament or by following the Kentucky laws of intestacy.  For a will to be valid, it must be “self-proven” or proven as valid in court by at least one of the witnesses.  A valid will can also be holographic: written entirely in the handwriting of the decedent, signed, and dated.



Gardens are great, but they require a lot of time, labor and money. They also require land space and good soil. Container gardening skirts all these obstacles, offering reduced time, effort and costs, and can be enjoyed in an apartment or other home lacking a yard. Vegetables and herbs can be grown in containers on a balcony, patio or walkway.



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Be an Inspiration. Blogging has benefits for you, but it can change the life of a reader. Your words could be just the right information, encouragement or hearty laugh or cry they need.

Blogging is one of those rare hobbies that is free. Of course, you could pay a few dollars a month to use your own domain name, but most people don’t because so many sites such as WordPress offer blog spots for free.

Before beginning a blog, consider what type of blog you want and for which type of audience. Your blog writing style can be conversational and personal, fact-based or a combination of the two depending on what your blog will focus on. It could be a journal where you just share life experiences and little drops of wisdom. It could be more narrowly focused: humor, a specific subject such as divorce, a disability, living somewhere unique. It could be political or offer arts and crafts and things to do with grandchildren. It could be a tech guide or give advice for either other grandparents, parents or young people. Who are you interested in reaching? You’ll not only enjoy blogging more but also have more success with it if you determine the answers to these questions before you start your blog.

Here are a handful of grandparent blogs you can check out either for inspiration and examples or for your own enjoyment as a follower:

Social Network and Support

•  www.gagasisterhood.com

•  www.grandparentscafe.com

•  www.gransnet.com/blogs

•  www.stageoflife.com/StageGranparents.aspx

Personal Blog Journal

•  www.confessionsofagrandma.blogspot.com

•  www.grandmasbriefs.com

Having Fun with the Grandkids

•  www.grandmaideas.com

•  www.grandmaslittlepearls.com

•  www.whathappensatgrandmas.com.

For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

•  www.grandparentingblog.com

•  www.raisingyourgrandchildren.com

For/To You

•  Babyboomer Perspective: Grandmother-blog.com/blog

•  Political: www.omasally.blogspot.com

•  Stylin’ After 50: www.honeygood.com


•  Autism: www.grannynannynews.com


•  www.essentialgrandparent.com

•  www.barbaragrahamonline.com/blog

•  www.nanahood.com

Resources and Information

•  American Grandparents Asssociation: https://aga.grandparents.com/

•  www.grandparenting.org

Have you considered starting your own grandparent blog? Maintaining a blog can improve your life and skillsets in many unexpected ways. It will help you:

Add Focus To Your Life. In the practical aspect, a blog becomes another (fun) responsibility in your life that needs caretaking and nurturing, but there is also a deeper aspect to a blog. Once you start writing about your life and the perspective that shapes it, you will become more intentional about who you are and who you are becoming.

Develop Better Life Habits. Blogging requires time, devotion and commitment. It’s a healthy habit that can add a sense of purpose to your life.

Exercise Your Brain. Writing in and of itself requires a degree of mental organization. Additionally, choosing what you want to say will require you to dig deeper and reflect on why you feel or believe a certain way – what life events or even historical events have helped shape your worldview. Too many people mistakenly believe they have nothing to say, but everyone has a story. A blog entails more than just writing. Considerations of layout organization, font styles and graphics are also needed. You’ll find yourself learning new programs and picking up more tech skills as your blog develops.   


Become a Better Writer. Want to know the secret to writing well? Practice, practice, practice! A blog will increase the amount of time you regularly write in a certain way.

Gain an Eye for Meaning. It’s not possible to blog about every event of life or thought you have; this will develop your filter for what is essential. Which topics and events have meaning and are useful – whether practically or emotionally – to readers? Don’t lose sight, though, that some of the most meaningful examples can appear in mundane events.

Meet New People. After a few entries, you’ll begin to see comments on your blog or receive emails and feedback on social media. Some of these interactions may lead to new friendships. In general, the blogging community is friendly and encouraging and genuinely roots for each other’s success.

Make Money. Blogging sometimes provides bonus money. It could be as little as $20 a year but could actually be as high as $20,000 year. If you’re still working, have your own side business or want to start one, blogs are easily tied into your into your business or career as an additional promotion/marketing tool.


Angela S. Hoover is a Staff Writer for Living Well 60+ Magazine

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