Do you have a hobby? Hobbies can give meaning and purpose to your life in retirement. As Robert Putnam points out in his book, Bowling Alone, it’s easy to discount the importance of hobbies and social engagements. Putnam details the widespread decline in civic engagement, from PTA memberships to neighborhood potlucks and bowling leagues. Over a couple of generations, Americans have misplaced the concept of free time.


Lily is a beautiful, active and full of personality toddler who happens to have Down syndrome. Lily’s parents and I have been friends for years and I have the continuing pleasure of watching Lily and her siblings grow up. While Lily is becoming a physical therapy rock star and hitting all her milestones in a timely fashion, her parents have started planning for the future.



The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hobby as “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation, engaged in especially for relaxation.” Hobbies include anything from playing a musical instrument to gardening, bird watching or sewing. A hobby is a way of focusing on something you enjoy just for the sake of that enjoyment. It may also be a way to clear your mental palette. You could be stressed out by a situation at work or the challenges of raising children and need an escape.



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“We feel we are truly redefining senior living for those people who still are very active,” she said. “There hasn’t been a new independent living community built here in years. Most of the independent living (communities) in town are over 30 years old. They’re wonderful communities with great reputations, but people haven’t quite seen something like Legacy Reserve in a while. It is truly independent.

” The community is geared for people who remain involved with numerous activities. Some Legacy Reserve patrons are still working.

Patrons of Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm can hardly wait to move into their new homes this month. Some of them signed up over a year ago.

“I chose Legacy Reserve as my future home for many reasons,” said Don Bayer, a retired Chicago Public Schools principal. “I was fascinated by the fact that it is going to have a heated saltwater swimming pool. I love to swim.”

“We decided we wanted to live here the rest of our lives,” said Loretta Jones, another resident looking forward to moving in. “So we are downsizing and we’re ready to go.”

As its Web site (http://legacyreserveky.com) says, Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm is “a unique senior living experience for the astute, active senior, offering a distinctive community promoting the freedom to enjoy life.” Its mission is to “provide an unrivaled senior living experience through the delivery of extraordinary services to residents in a refined environment, promoting maximum independence.”

“With 26 years of working with seniors, I came to Legacy Reserve to create a community that embraces all phases of life with excitement. My gift is to build a culture of passion for serving, teamwork and family,” said Executive Director Carol Brinegar.


Legacy Reserve is just the place for seniors seeking an active lifestyle community where they can pursue new interests, enjoy fine cuisine and cultivate friendships in the security and comfort of a carefree living environment. Numerous people have already reserved apartment homes; the first 25 will be occupied the last two weeks of July and several other move-ins are scheduled for August and September.

“These people are embracing life to the fullest and want to be at a community that can enhance those opportunities,” said Jacqueline Kennedy, Director of Sales and Marketing for Legacy Reserve. “The response has been overwhelming. It’s extremely exciting that those vibrant, active seniors have been waiting and looking for this.”

Carolyn Richardson, one of the first residents who will be moving to Legacy Reserve in July, agrees. “Somebody finally figured out what folks my age really want,” she said. “I am looking forward to having another great journey in my life.”

Kennedy acknowledges there are a number of wonderful opportunities in the Lexington area for senior living, but she believes Legacy Reserve stands out.


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“They want to be around peers that are also active,” Kennedy said. “They’re so engaged and on the go.”

Legacy Reserve patrons will certainly find plenty to do in their new home. There’s the saltwater swimming pool Bayer can’t wait to dip his toes into; a fitness center that will offer a variety of exercise programs; and an entertainment and sports bar, where patrons can gather to socialize over cocktails while watching a basketball game on one of four flat-screen televisions. A substantial community recreation program will promote patron liveliness, allowing them to renew or expand their interests and passions.

“It’s been an exciting concept for seniors who don’t want to look at senior housing as just bingo and ice cream socials,” Kennedy said. “They want more – a new community with a modern flair that allows them the freedom to enjoy life.”

The elegant, spacious apartment homes feature 10-foot ceilings, full kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, luxurious bathrooms with walk-in showers and washer-dryer hookups. A majority of the apartment homes also have a personal patio or balcony. Configurations include studios, one bedrooms, deluxe one bedrooms and two bedrooms plus baths.

Other amenities available at Legacy Reserve include all-day dining in Chandler’s Restaurant so you can enjoy meals at your convenience, including bistro dining for lighter fare or an on-the-go meal; a Grand Day Spa with hair, pedicure and manicure services available on a fee basis, operated by Hair Nation Salon and Spa; an emergency response system; a library with computer access; and a cultural arts center.

 “The amenities are really catching the eye of a lot of people who want to continue to search out that active lifestyle,” Kennedy said. “Legacy Reserve will allow them the opportunity to stay as active as they possibly want to be. They’ll have a whole plethora of things to do internally. They’re going to have a lot of fun here. It’s going to give such a quality to their life and peace of mind to their adult children.”

The community is located near the brand-new Summit, which, when it is completed, will have about 70 shops and 20 restaurants, creating an extraordinary destination for Legacy Reserve patrons to indulge in shopping and unique dining choices close to home. The Summit is convenient to get to, and if patrons don’t want to drive, concierge chauffeur services are available.

More and more people these days are being quite proactive as they consider what kinds of living arrangements they want as they age.

“I’m used to people waiting to decide what they want to do,” said Kennedy, who has worked in senior housing for 27 years. “In the past, people would wait almost too late to make a decision (about moving). A lot of times I would hear people say, ‘I’m not ready for that yet,’ but the people coming to us are saying, ‘I can’t wait.’ They are being extremely proactive.”

“I wanted to find a place where I will feel comfortable in future life without making my son or daughter have to make the decision for me,” said resident Roy Griggs. “I want to be ahead of that curve.”

Excitement about Legacy Reserve is growing.

“I’m going to enjoy living at Legacy Reserve with all the other active people for all the amenities we’re going to have,” said patron Frankie Doyle. “We’re going to have loads of fun. We will be able to go places and do things together. It will be more like a little family.”

For more information about Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm, call (859) 286-5111 or send an email to jkennedy@legacyreserveky.com.